Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Soccer

Yesterday Whitney played her last soccer game this season. She's done really well this year and makes a great defender. Nothing's going to pass her. Here's some fun pictures of the spring season.

The team:

Whitney (number 30) in action:

Easter 2011

We didn't make any Ukranian Easter eggs (I SO loved that in school) but we dyed some pretty cool ones all the same.

The kids in their Easter garb


J'adore Manosque. What a sweet little French town. And the people were so kind.

Our bed and breakfast. We had a "table d'hotes" where we had the full 4 course french meal. It lasted about 2 hours and we just chatted with the owners. Loved it!



I loved all of France, but my favourite part was visiting the south. Maybe because Steve lived there for 2 years and new all the little things that touristy places don't have, maybe it was because I was getting better at the language at that point, or maybe it was because Manosque is such a sweet little village where all of the little shops at centreville are closed for an hour and a half for lunch, but it was beautiful.


le Chateau d'If (think count of monte cristo)

March-Versailles and Paris

In March, Steve and I celebrated our early 10 year anniversary (in August it will be officially 10 years) and went to France. Best. Trip. Ever. Steve served a 2 year mission there for our church, and I'm Canadian and was a few classes shy of a minor in French at BYU. It was SO FUN to speak French again. And hear French again. I seriously could live there a couple of months a year, I love France. Oddly enough, I think it gave me a new perspective into Joshua's problems with communication. I could understand 95% of what was said to me. My speaking ability was at a 60% (though if I was there for a month or 2, I think I'd be fluent again), and if two people were speaking the same time to me, I was lost. I really think that's how Joshua's mind works with language. I read once that Temple Grandin said that English was her second language, pictures was her native language. I think I understand what she means now.




Of course, while we were at Disneyland, we had to check out what California's beaches had to offer--because February in Fargo makes one dream of warm beaches. And orange trees. The weather wasn't as warm as we thought it would be, but the beaches were gorgeous.


In February we went on a little Beck family reunion to Disneyland. It was so fun. The kids were at the perfect age and Joshua and Whitney were talking about it for weeks afterwards. Thanks Sandy for organizing it!

6 month snippets

Looks like if I'm going to keep up blogging, it might be at a six month interval. School and kids and life all fill my time in wonderful ways. So here is our six month check-up. School's out, so there might be a few posts in between. The prose is short, because I need to spend all my prose energy for class (which hopefully you will see sometime too). Let's start with Christmas.

Our Christmas Card Picture:

Whitney loves parties. She makes up different parties for different occasions. This party was a "ball." We had to dress up and dance. It was pretty fun, as you can tell from the pics.

Yes, I am wearing socks because it was January and I didn't want to put on nylons

And the dancing ended with confetti throwing

Whitney loves her easy bake oven from Santa