Monday, June 29, 2009

Grandparents and other June happenings

Last weekend Steve's parents came up for a quick visit. It was fun to see them and a little sad to see them leave. I guess we got spoiled the last 3 years being only an hour away from them. Now it's 9 hrs!

We had a fun picnic at the park

Grandpa read some books

We watched Joshua, Steve and Whitney ride the ferris wheel at Scheels (yes, it's indoor) because the rest of us thought we'd lose our dinner we consumed at Granite City

Why are kids always extra silly around grandparents?

As for the rest of the month, we've been playing in our outdoor pool from Grandma Gail and watching our garden grow (and installing a rabbit fence)

And just one more picture of the kids

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer Here We Come!

Here's a quick update of our past few weeks. Life's been busy with school finishing up, Steve teaching his summer course at NDSU, and gettting our garden ready. Here's a few weeks in pictures.

One day after church we saw this basketball net on the curb to be taken out with the garbage. The owner volunteered to drive it in his truck to our place, so we scored us a new basketball net. Have I said enough about the wonderful community/people here in Fargo?

Whitney insisted she needed a shirt with a number, so we gave her Steve's Illinois B-ball shirt. She said the number had to be on the back, so she turned it the wrong way. Silly kid!

Joshua's school had a carnival which was really fun. Whitney had her face painted and made me promise I would take a picture of it before she had to wash it off and go to bed.

Whitney's last hurrah at preschool. They had a spring concert.

Whitney's last day. Can you believe my baby is going to kindergarten next year?!

Our primary president left to move to--guess where?--Lawrence, Kansas of all places. We had a going-away dinner for her (she's the one on the very end on the right hand side)

And last but not least--spring is here! The blossoms are blooming everywhere in our garden.