Sunday, August 08, 2010

Keeping Active

The kids have been really active this summer. From swimming lessons, to the trampoline to learning to ride without training wheels! (they both learned within the same week--ah the benifits of sibling rivalry)

Our swim teacher is the best. There is a definite difference between teaching styles of men vs women. Joshua really responds well to Josh (the swim instructor) and Josh doesn't put up with any of Joshua or Whitney's drama :)(ie Joshua refusing to put his head underwater or Whitney complaining that her arms hurt too much to swim anymore)

And here's a video for the grandparent's enjoyment. Joshua is riding up to summer school. As you can see, they're both still pretty wobbly, but practice makes perfect right?

Untitled from Sarah Beck on Vimeo.

This summer has flown by. The kids start school in two weeks. That means one more week of summer school for Joshua and one more week of swimming for both kids, one week off and then the school year begins again. I can't believe it!