Sunday, January 10, 2010


We had fun watching the kids' Christmas concerts and had a really fun Christmas morning too. Here are some video and pics:

(Whitney is on the front row, right hand side with a grey dress and red hairband)

Untitled from Sarah Beck on Vimeo.

Untitled from Sarah Beck on Vimeo.

Joshua loved his peanut (thanks Santa, Anne Marie and

Christmas morning mess and music

Whitney got lots of dress-ups from Santa:

I did it!

I've finally updated our blog. People have been nagging me and Steve was sick of seeing our jack-o-lantern, and I'm now finally doing it. I apologize to my blogger friends (if I have any left because our our long hiatus). I'm just not a blogging fiend like I was. Things have changed. I have two kids in school all day, so we're not sharing our every day experiences like we were. I've been busy taking a class at MSUM and subbing every once in a while. October/November I was busy trying to get my application into the MFA Creative Writing Program at MSUM and stressing about that. But with Christmas and all of our snow I feel like I finally have some blog-worthy pics!

Here are some of the last fall pictures before the snow arrived:

Then the snow arrived, it's crazy how different the world can look in just a couple of weeks :)

Even though we've had all this snow, the weather has been very warm (excluding this past week). The kids love playing in it. I love it too, so long as it doesn't make the Red River flood in the spring!