Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flood Update 2010

As you've probably heard via CNN and the Today Show, and other "news" networks, Fargo is facing another flood AGAIN. This time though, the crest is predicted 2 ft shorter than last year. However, this year is not nearly as stressful as last year. We were close to a million sandbags even before our "surprise crest" this Sunday (they were predicting the first or second week of April), and all of the clay dikes and sandbag dikes are already up. Contrary to what the media will have you believe, we are not in dire straits. In fact 2 days ago on CNN the headline was, "Fargo desperate for help"--not really folks, the mayor was just asking for some more volunteers. Actually Fargo feel pretty confident--not cocky confident, but we're feeling a lot more safe than last year. So, in case you were wondering, that's our side of the story :)

Whitney's Haircut

A few weeks ago, Whitney was begging me for a haircut. And I mean BEGGING. She bugged me all President's Day weekend until I couldn't take it anymore. She told me she hated her long hair and she wanted it short. I asked her if it was because all the other girls in her class have short hair. She said no. She just told me she didn't like long hair. So Voila, we did it:

And just as we walked out of the salon, she said, "Now they'll sing the haircut song to me at school."

And I said, "What!?"

And she said, "Now they'll sing the haircut song to me at school. They do it when someone gets a haircut."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all for a song.

Las Vegas

The day after Heather's wedding, we went to tour the strip. Here are some pics--it's amazing--Steve and me in a picture together without kids!!!

Inside the Bellagio

The Conservatory

By the Regestration Desk--and the Casino

The ceiling--blown glass flowers

The reception desk--pretty nice eh?

And Paris--just kidding, it's fake just like everything else on the strip

Heather's Wedding

Last weekend we flew out to Las Vegas for Steve's sister's wedding. It was so fun to leave the kids at home (my mom flew up from Wichita to watch them--thanks mom) and just be us. It was a short stay, only 2 1/2 days but it was fun. We are so excited for Heather!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Forgive My Indulgence in Patriotism for a Moment...

But how can I not be proud of my home team :)