Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time for some catch up

Here are some recent pics of the Beck family. Between part time school, part time work, and full time mom, I just don't have the time to do the full time blogging.

Joshua the hockey player:

The full body shot:

Yes, Joshua looks like he'd make a mean hockey player. At the school carnival they had an Olympics theme and so his class decided to be hockey players. I thought this was quite appropriate, seeing I LOVE HOCKEY!!! If only I could get him to swap uniforms ;)


We had lots of fun dying eggs:

Spring has been great here in Fargo, we couldn't ask for nicer weather! We had a great egg hunt outside.

Here's some pics of the living room. We've been slowly adding to it. Some days when I flip through a Crate and Barrel catalogue or add to my wishlist on the IKEA site, I think "maybe I should be using my subbing money for decorating instead of for my class" :) Nah! It's more fun to add a little at at time. It gives you something to look forward to!