Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In honour of Canada Day

For all of you who want to pretend you're Canadian for a day, watch this

Sunday, June 24, 2007

You know when...

The other day I ran across a list of "You know when you're in Kansas when..." I thought it was quite humourous and decided to make my own list.

"You know you're and LDS student family when:"

1. Your husband is gone every Saturday in May to help out with the move outs

2. You know the meaning of acronyms like "WIC" and "SCHIP" whether you're on them or not

3. Your ward numbers shrink by 50% in the summer

4. In the summer you avoid the Bishiop at all costs. He might give you a second calling

5. You're a "stalker shopper"-- You visit Old Navy and Target 3 times a week to see if that clearance item has gone down from $2.78 to $1.97

6. You're part of a "stalker shopper" network. Your friends will call you and let you know when that clearance item goes to $1.97

7. Your husband has the best Christmas vacation ever--3 weeks off school

8. You love the months April through September--hooray for garage sales!

9. "My Favourites" on your computer are set to Craigslist and and any other bargain finding website

10. You talk about the future in phrases like "when we become real people" because for some reason getting a job will make us feel like we're grown up and real people

11. You know how to fix minor maintenance problems in your house. You've watched the maitenance crew fix that leaky faucet 3 times in the past month

12. You call the maintenance crew to come fix things even though you know how to fix them. Heck, it's coming out of your rent cheque anyways

13. You pray daily for things like your washer, dryer, car, etc (anything that can potentially break down) that they'll all make it to graduation

There...that's what I've come up with. All you student families let me know of any other good ones to add to the list.

Friday, June 01, 2007


For those of you who missed it, the Scripps National Spelling Bee was on ABC last night. So fun to watch. Way more interesting than any reality show. These kids are so smart. Well, a homeschooler from California is the 2007 champion, winning with the word serrefine. Second place went to Nate Gartke, a boy from Edmonton! If you want to watch the showdown between these boys, click here. I could seriously see Joshua being a good candidate for this competition. The kid loves to spell and can already spell about 20-25 words. And he asks us everyday, "How do you spell..." He loves doing it! I guess we'll see!