Friday, May 21, 2010


This fall we planted tulip bulbs and now we are reaping the rewards. They are BEAUTIFUL. I love tulips! They are my favourite flower. And they're one of the first signs of life to sprout out of the ground once the snow melts. Here are our tulips in all sorts of ways:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Hockey Mom Day!

The night before Mother's Day, Steve and I got to go on a last minute date to the Fargo Force. Championship game! If they had won Saturday night, they would have won the USAHL Clark Cup. That's like the equivalent of the Stanley Cup (but not quite). So of course, I wore my Edmonton Oilers shirt and cursed the team and they lost. Now they play tomorrow night. Winner takes all.
(Clark Cup)

(Stanley Cup)

Our friends the Fowlers hooked us up with tickets and even though we lost, it was so much fun!

Me and Steve threw some punches down by the glass. Guess who won?

Sunday was nice and relaxing. I really think it was the best Mother's Day yet, because my kids really got into it. Whitney woke up at 6am to start the Mother's Day party (I really just wanted to sleep in). They behaved all day long. But by dinner Whitney said, "Mom, I wish I were you." I asked, "Why?" She said, "Because it's Mother's Day and all the kids have to listen to you. I wish there were a brother or sister day." Then after dinner, Joshua said to Whitney, "Happy Mother's Day Whitney," and Whitney answered, "Happy Mother's Day Joshua." My kids are great :) I got to finish the evening with one of my favourite books of all time, that was not required reading for my class. Life's good :)