Thursday, August 30, 2007

Whitney's Party

We had lots of fun at Whitney's birthday party. We even had a "dalmation dog" birthday cake and pinata!

And of course the birthday song:

Happy Birthday Whitney Girl!

Whitney's birthday was Sunday, but I am now only getting this post up! Whitney we love you so much! You're such a great sister and friend to Joshua, and you always make us laugh. We're so excited you're three.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary--It's been six whole years!

It's hard to believe Steve and I were married six years ago today! Thanks Steve for being such a good husband!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

St. Mary's River

Every summer we visit the Soo, it has become tradition to take a walk along the boardwalk by St. Mary's River. It's always so beautiful, and of course, the weather was perfect.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The true NORTH strong and free

In my opinion, everyone should visit Canada in the summer. With the exception of the first day we arrived, it was mid 70's every day we were there. (That's 25-27 Celcius). Wonderful! At night it would cool down to the mid 60's and many of us enjoyed wearing a sweatshirt in the cool breezy evenings. I can't even express the shock my body felt as we pulled back into Lawrence at 9:30 pm to step out of the car into a blazing 90 degrees (AT NIGHT!!!) It's been 100 degrees ever since we came back. Why did we come back?!

Our Crazy Busy Life

But who's life isn't crazy busy. I thought things would slow down after girls camp but we keep ploughing through the days and weeks. First and foremost--Joshua did awesome on his first talk in church on Sunday. That boy is sure making strides. Secondly, I'm maddly trying to finish the last Harry Potter book, not just because I want to know the ending but so my kids don't feel ignored anymore. Thirdly, we're back from Canada and getting school physicals etc, for the start of the school year. We've got great pictures from Canada so over the next few days, I'll post a little at a time.