Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer's not over yet :)

This week school starts back up for me and Steve (well, at least the prep work) and next week the kids start. Before life gets crazy again, we're trying to make the summer last as long as possible. Our neighbour, Lisa, scored some free airsho tickets and gave some to us. We're not airsho people, but we had fun. It was a beautiful day (Fargo may have some rough winters, but we definitely have the BEST summers).

Okay, so this picture is pretty huge for Whitney. She's scared to death of mascots.

We all got to go inside and tour the inside of a FedEx plane. It's really interesting inside. It's essentially a plane without seats, and tracks and tracks of rollers to roll the pods on. The FedEx people let the kids sit in the cockpit. They both thought that was pretty darn awesome.

And here's my Maverick. With this haircut, he looks like he would fit right in with the Top Gun crew. We even saw people walking around with Top Gun quotes on their shirts.

And on a completely random note, I got my hair highlighted this week. It seriously is one of my favourite times of year. A couple of hours away from the kids while someone wants to just listen to what I have to say? And no interruptions? And a head massage? Sign me up!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fishing Trip

Yesterday Steve's colleagues (husband and wife ps--there are a lot of husband and wife duos in academia) invited us to play at their lake house near Park Rapids, MN. It was the first time for the kids on a boat, and the first time they've ever gone fishing (well, let's be honest, I think I went once when I was like 5 years old so for all intents and purposes, that includes me too.) Let's just say, I caught the most fish (the first catch was eye opening; no one showed me how the pole worked so I essentially flung the fish from the lake into the boat.) As Judy said, it was lucky no one got hooked. It scared the heck out of Whitney because it landed near her feet. I thought in that moment a vegetarian might be born :) The kids ended up with their fair share of catches too.

Joshua's fish:

Whitney's "Pumpkin Seed"

Steve's catches:

And of course, Joshua and I are quite the catches too :)

End of the season

Well, Tuesday was the last day of Joshua's season with the Rockies, and probably the best game he's played. After, the coach brought Dilly Bars for the team (by the way, did you know that DQ was started in Minnesota? :)

Here are some pics and video of the last game to commemorate:

Playing pitcher (sort of, the college student is the real pitcher)-

First baseman-

And for the 2 minute replay:

Swing Batter! from Sarah Beck on Vimeo.

And of course Whitney, the biggest Joshua fan :)

And a picture without sunflower seed shells on her face ;)

On a side note, I really dislike our camera. We bought it about a year ago to replace our Kodak Easyshare I dropped twice. Our Nikon Coolpix is so unpredictable, if the lighting is somewhat off, or someone flinches a millimeter, the whole picture is blurry. And it really has no zoom capability. Grr... I daydream of a really nice camera (or my old Easyshare back) though I have a running list of really nice things I'd like to get :) One thing at a time eh?