Thursday, August 06, 2009

Down by St. Mary's

We also had fun going down to St. Mary's river to see all the locks and boats. I LOVED how beautiful the harbour looks.

Here's the locks (behind it you can see the international bridge):

There's also tons of beautiful trees. I didn't take any pictures of those but I took some of my beautiful kids in the trees :)

The Beach

Joshua LOVED the beach. The sand was so toasty warm compared to the water. Here are some pics:

Lake Superior

We've just come back from our trip to Canada. It was nice to get away and just spend time with relatives and of course the Lake! It was kinda chilly this time we went up. It hovered just below 70F our whole trip, threatening rain the entire time. But that didn't stop us from jumping in though. Whitney was the best trooper of us all. It didn't matter how cold it was, (or how blue her fingers and lips were)she didn't want to get out!