Sunday, May 22, 2011

6 month snippets

Looks like if I'm going to keep up blogging, it might be at a six month interval. School and kids and life all fill my time in wonderful ways. So here is our six month check-up. School's out, so there might be a few posts in between. The prose is short, because I need to spend all my prose energy for class (which hopefully you will see sometime too). Let's start with Christmas.

Our Christmas Card Picture:

Whitney loves parties. She makes up different parties for different occasions. This party was a "ball." We had to dress up and dance. It was pretty fun, as you can tell from the pics.

Yes, I am wearing socks because it was January and I didn't want to put on nylons

And the dancing ended with confetti throwing

Whitney loves her easy bake oven from Santa


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Laura Weight said...

looked like a fun party! wow. maybe some day whitney will be a professional party planner :)
Rob and i were cracking up at some of the great shots--lol. you were really into that party sarah.


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