Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Update

I've just come back from three hours of diking and I'm really tired. Steve pulled a 3am-8am shift at the Fargodome, and helped a friend move stuff out of their basement because of a leak in the dike behind their house. We've got our stuff ready to go in case of an evac, I made ID badges for the kids, and an evac sign for our door. We live in North Fargo which would be one of the last places to flood, but you never know.

I wouldn't be surprised if we were asked to evacuate tonight or tomorrow. The river is a little over 39 feet right now, and as far as I know is still expected to crest a little over 41 on Saturday. And then we wait until the water goes back down.

I've listed the flood update sites we're relying on here in Fargo:

Thank you for your prayers. We need them!


At 8:35 AM, Blogger Kay said...

Don't know where you are today, but Mindy and I are surely thinking of you today and you are in our prayers. Love you all.


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