Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Wow spring break for us was insane. It feels like so much has happened the past six days that it needs more than one post. First Steve and I drove up to Fargo to house hunt and district shop. I really felt as I was talking to the principals of each school that I was conducting a "future employee" interview. We were impressed with most of the schools--which is good and bad. Good, because Joshua and Whitney will have good education opportunities but bad because it hasn't narrowed down geographic locations for a new house. We met with church members up there who were very helpful and the community in general seems very open-minded and progressive. We're excited and ready for the move. By the time we finished the trip I was glad to see these happy silly faces again!


At 2:00 PM, Blogger Jessica Bybee said...

Did you find a house? How exciting to be to that part of life!!! Did you really talk to the principals? What questions did you ask them? where did you come up with that idea?
Good luck with finding a house!

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Sarah S said...

I think you should post what your questions were! And post some house possibilities on here too. Maybe your blog readers can vote and narrow it down for you :)

(I'm mostly just kidding!)

At 9:55 PM, Blogger Anne Marie said...

Good luck! Can I tell you how much I hate moving? So many decisions, and each one is full of so many issues and questions. The Lord will guide you and help you find a great place for your family to be.

At 1:21 AM, Blogger Allie said...

YIPPY!!! House hunting must be the most wonderful activity in the world!! I am so jealous. I hope yall find something awsome. Hopefully that will be us next year!

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

I can't wait to be done with the student life. I love moving to a new place, finding new places to put your stuff, shopping for new furniture... ok so I haven't done that a lot but you are making me really antsy!! I vote you move back here.... ;)

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

wow! i am really excited for you guys. sounds like you are a couple of months ahead of us in the process, and what a process it is! such a mixture of emotions - stress, joy, anxiety, happy anticipation, CONFUSION!! i know you will have it all figured out soon, and you'll be deliriously happy in your new house! hooray!


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